My new book, Stocks for Fun and Profit, will be out in November!

My new book, Stocks for Fun and Profit, will be out in November!

I am eagerly awaiting final publication of my first book. It is so close I can almost taste it, and hope it will be available in November. I believe anyone, from new to seasoned investors, or anyone who has struggled making good returns from the market, or is thinking about investing on their own, would benefit greatly from the wisdom gained and delineated in the book, through many years as a very successful amateur investor.   That success has culminated in a 24 year, 11.7% compound annual growth rate in my personal RRSP and a eight year 18.0% annual return in my TFSA. I wish to share my success in an effort to help others learn how to make good returns in an era of unprecedented low interest rates, where returns from other investing avenues are so meager.

The book outlines the simple strategies used that can be employed by anyone. My “Buy Value…Rarely Sell” modus operandi, described in Chapter 3, is the key to success and simplify’s the process for busy professionals, like I was (I might be using that term “professional” a little loosely here!). Each chapter in the book outlines a simple to understand investing philosophy, then moves to specific stock selections and how they were made, then organizes those stocks into resilient portfolios that don’t need constant attention. Lastly, the book follows the returns from those portfolios over time, fully demonstrating how to achieve success. I have never seen that done in any other investing book and I have read over 40, from many of the biggest names in the investing profession. Throughout the book I also discuss many of the market “old wives tales,” and often challenge conventional wisdom in an effort to avert sub-optimal performance.

By the end of the book, I hope readers gain commitment to their own financial well-being and have learned the basic principals and workings of the market. I hope they become more comfortable with and no longer fear market volatility, and are ready to take advantage of its fantastic wealth creation capabilities. I hope the book appeals especially to younger readers who have an unprecedented ability to take advantage of our tax-advantaged programs to build financial security over time. I hope to help readers through the investing School of Hard Knocks, with less knocks and much greater success.

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