Three Recent Articles

Three Recent Articles

(Photo courtesy of Pexels) With the excitement of having articles in the Globe and Mail and MoneySense, I have fallen behind communicating recent articles written for Grainews, one of Canada’s leading agricultural publications. Following are links to three recent articles, all including a key investing message:

  1. Investing In Speculations is an Oxymoron: This article appeared November 2nd and is a updated version of a blog posted on my website last January. It might be very topical as bitcoin and cannabis continue their decline, while high flying tech stocks also lose altitude.
  2. Is Market Level Relevant?: Appeared October 15th an reiterates my position that trying to predict short term market fluctuations is futile. It is also an updated version of a blog posted this past March.
  3. Cash Flow is King: Appeared Sept 17th. I view cash flow as the most important and consistent financial metric.

All of these articles emphasize my approach of building wealth over time and avoid stressing out over short term volatility, as we are currently experiencing. My book continues to receive excellent reviews on Amazon and Chapters. Please share your comments. Thanks Very Much.

We are now approaching year-end, and the beginning of a new year. If you are interested in my paid newsletter for up-to-date information on portfolios and more intensive commentary, please e-mail me at

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