Three More Articles to Enjoy with Your Coffee

Three More Articles to Enjoy with Your Coffee

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I have been a Grainews columnist for a year with my first article having appeared on March 13th, 2018. The articles are generally coordinated with my blogs but not always. This series of articles will catch up blog readers with my Grainews articles, and are well worth reading.

Down Markets aren’t Bad Markets appeared February 15th and updates the “Titanium Strength model TFSA Portfolio” built for the column. Despite the down market in 2018 this portfolio was breakeven at year end.

A Dynamic Investment Trio: TFSA, Stocks and the ‘Rule of 72’ appeared February 25th. It demonstrates how to make your TFSA a self-funding retirement program.

Investment Success Factors was published March 6th and outlines both personal attributes and investment factors that lead to long-term success.

When reading these articles please keep in mind that I write a month or more before publication. The prices or markets may have changed, but the messaging in the article will remain pertinent.

Many bloggers and websites send out information very frequently, sometimes daily. I hope my two blogs a month meets your needs for quality information without stuffing your inbox. Comments and questions are always welcome via email. Please let me know what you think.

During a 35+ year career in agriculture, Herman VanGenderen became an active investor in stocks and real estate. He writes a monthly subscription newsletter and his book “Stocks for Fun and Profit: Adventures of an Amateur Investor” is available at internet book sites. Visit his website at, or email comments and questions to