Happy Readers, Happy Investors

Happy Readers, Happy Investors

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I am always delighted to get emails from readers and reviews on Amazon or Chapters. I thought I would share a few recent comments as they mirror my objectives with the book and newsletter. The first is on Amazon.com. Most reviews are on Amazon.ca. It was really cool to get such a glowing review on the American website. 

Jan Anderegg, USA

5.0 out of 5 stars An Absolute Gem – A Must Read For Amateur Investors

April 17, 2019

This book sparked my curiosity due to my husband’s interest in the stock market and investing. We’ve discussed it over the years but never ‘took the plunge’. The reasons were varied but the underlying reason was … what if we lose our money, and we don’t know what we’re doing!

After reading this book, I feel confident not only in investing in the stock market but in the knowledge we are no longer going in blind.

The author has a gift – he is able to take the complex topic of investing and explain it in simple terms that make sense. He doesn’t pull any punches. Using anecdotes and his personal experience in different markets over the past few years, he also explains what does and doesn’t work. The book is brilliant. It is so user-friendly and enjoyable to read, it doesn’t feel like you’re being educated and learning. You are.

The next email came courtesy of a book reader and new newsletter subscriber. If the person from Calgary who recommended my book to Steven is reading this blog, thanks very much for your recommendation.  The email was in response to a couple questions I asked after receiving his subscription form.

Hi Herman,

I read your book about 8 months ago and started investing shortly after I finished reading it. I purchased most of the stocks in my portfolios right before the market dropped… Despite the drop in the market, I held on believing that they would eventually recover. Most of the stocks have now recovered. As of today in my TFSA I have done just over 8% with dividends. In my corporate account I have done 13%.

As you know I am a custom home builder, I have the privilege of building dream homes for people from all over Canada who choose to retire in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. One of my clients from 2018, who is from Calgary was sharing how he had been investing for roughly 20 years and done very well. He continued to share how he has read multiple books on investing and had learned a lot over the years. I then asked him what books he would recommend to someone who had never invested before.  He told me that he just finished reading your book and was in agreement with how you evaluate stocks and your overall outlook on investing. So, I ordered your book, read it and started investing.

You asked for my thoughts on your book… I think it’s excellent and I appreciate that you properly track your accounts and show real results. There is so much to learn in your book and I am going to re-read your book and try and understand your evaluation process more clearly. I did find the learning curve steep as it’s all brand new to me. 

Investing is very intimidating to me. Mostly because I have worked SO HARD to get to where I am and the thought of losing money, money I have worked so hard to earn scares me. I have had no parental help or money to get where we are and I have a wife and three daughters to provide for.  Yet I think it’s foolish to not have money working for me. After reading your book I felt less intimidated and see the value in investing in properly evaluated companies. I also recognize that you, through trial and error, have gained a lot of wisdom. I am wanting to avoid mistakes and learn from someone who has a track record of success and shows true valuations of their past performance. I am eager to get your newsletter and see how your portfolios have done since you completed the book. I am also wanting to maximize my TFSA’s and want to see what you have increased and purchased since your book was written.

Thanks & Regards,

Steven Fitzpatrick, Owner


Duncan B.C

This last email came from a longer term subscriber after I started my “Kids and Money” series in the newsletter:

Hi Herman,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying your thoughts on how you taught your children about the value of money. We have two little boys (6 & 5) and we’ve been putting into practice some of the ideas you discussed in your Dec newsletter. They now have their own bank-cards with no-fee chequing and savings accounts. We’ve been talking to them about how they intend to manage their money. Our oldest believes he has ‘lots’ of money and can’t wait to spend it all on beyblades (although he’s yet to actually pull the trigger and purchase one – apparently he likes the thought of buying toys, more than actually doing it). Our youngest is excited to transfer all of his weekly allowance into his savings account and watch it grow. He wants to save-up his money and one day buy a house he can share with his older brother.

Anyway, I’m amazed at how implementing some of those ideas you suggested has opened up a whole world of new conversations with our kids re: money and life goals.

I’m not sure those without young children would find value in this portion of your newsletters, but we sure do…so I just wanted to say Thank-you!!

Kevin Lowenberger

Sarnia, Ontario

Thanks very much to all those who have sent emails, questions, comments and reviews. For those interested in subscribing the form is on the website, and I provide new subscribers all past issues from the end of the book until today.