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HERMAN VANGENDEREN was raised on a small dairy farm by Dutch immigrant parents, growing up in a large family with very modest means. Enthusiasm for farming led to a degree in agriculture and a 35+ year career in agricultural sales and management. While building his career Herman became an active investor in both stocks and real estate, building portfolios in both. Originally focused on real estate the workload became onerous given his career efforts and travel schedule. This motivated a shift towards the simplicity of stocks exclaiming he “sure doesn’t miss those tenant and toilet days!” In an already busy semi-retirement, the author started an investment newsletter to help others achieve financial success without experiencing as many knocks, from the School of Hard Knocks, as he himself experienced.

The book is written by a professional agriculturalist but amateur investor, for other professionals in whatever their chosen field. You don’t have to be an expert to do well at investing. His bottom line results would be the envy of many financial professionals, and some might even pick up this book!

Personal Interests: Besides agriculture and investing Herman is an active outdoors person. He loves hiking in the mountains with family and friends and skiing with his two sons. Travelling has been a long time passion with one of his fondest travel memories being climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. His main fitness activity is cycling through the foothills near Calgary, often logging about 3000 km on his two-wheeler each year.  But it’s not all clean living as craft beer and wine are a couple of his favorite sins.    

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