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Saturday February 16, Chapters/Indigo, Spectrum (Sunridge), Calgary.

Thursday February 21, Chapters/Indigo, The Core (TD Square),Calgary.

Saturday February 23,Chapters/Indigo, Dalhousie, Calgary.

 Saturday March 2, Chapters/Indigo, Crowfoot, Calgary.

Saturday June 8, Chapters/Indigo, Dalhousie, Calgary.


25 Amazon Reviews received to-date, 24-5 stars, 1-4 stars. Here is a sampling of the reviews:  

Bruce Patterson: Thoroughly enjoyed Stocks for Fun and Profit

Stocks for Fun and Profit is a great read. An actual account of an individual investor in Canada that follows his investment strategy from 2014 onward. The book is insightful, with some great lessons learned and a lot of sound advise for those who like to do their own stock investing. Just purchased a few more copies for friends….

Rob Saik: Herman has a great communication style

I love this book! If you are looking for common sense about money…this is it! I really love the charts and how Herman talks about investing using HIS OWN MONEY…talk about transparency.

Rob Lefebvre: Wealthy Barber showed you the importance of saving and investing. This book will guide you in how to invest wisely and soundly.

Very well written. A must read for any aspiring investor. Don’t let the cover fool you, this is a well crafted and serious book on saving and investing.

Allyson Jordan: Stocks for Fun and Profit is a great read

I really appreciated the simple strategies with actual real-life returns tracked throughout the book. For someone that is interested in putting a little effort into starting to manage their investments, Stocks for Fun and Profit is a great read.

Jim Dippel: Unique Approach to Investment Learning

Herman explains investing strategies in terms that are easily understood. By sharing his personal portfolio as an example, Herman brings a unique and refreshing approach to investment learning.

Devin Pendree: A lot of great information in this book

I appreciate Herman’s unique yet practical approach to investing. The book explains how to build a well balanced portfolio and shows how some of Herman’s portfolios have performed over time.

Tony: I found the book a great reinforcement of the “buy quality and hold for the long term”

As a seasoned investor, I found the book a great reinforcement of the “buy quality and hold for the long term” approach to stock investing. The book is straight forward and easy to read with a dash of humour thrown in occasionally which adds to the enjoyment. I would recommend this book for both the novice and experienced investor.

Anonymous: Real Money Maker

Very informative and straight forward approach.

Anonymous: I know selling some of these funds isn’t in the best interest of the customer

As a financial advisor (really just a sales person) I find it difficult to sell funds which carry high management fees. I know selling some of these funds is really not in the best interest of the customer when they could realize much greater returns by investing on their own. I have heard friends of mine who have invested for years with so called “Financial Advisors” tell me they would have been better off investing there money in GIC’s. Herman’s book outline’s how simple it is to do it on your own and realize gains normally not available to the average investor who goes through banks and financial advisors. Some parts of the book are a bit complicated for the new investor but the bottom line is start small and invest in some of Herman’s more tried and true stocks and over time branch out from there. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some financial freedom in there lives. I am passing this book onto my children to read as they are entering the workforce and this will help them avoid the pitfalls of investing which both Herman and myself have gone through. It is a great read.